Car Seat Shade



Cars can get so hot, so quickly!  Have you ever gone to put your little one in their car seat and its scorching hot?! Raise those hands!  We have even had to bring the car seat out of the car! 

 But here is the answer!!!!

Help keep your child's car seat cooler with the Car Seat Sun Shade!

No more burning car seats for your little ones! Simply place this over the car seat when not in use and this handy shade will defect the sun rays keeping it cool!

With elastic fittings this is universal to all larger car seats and can be slightly adjusted by hand to ensure coverage, making it ideal for most car seats!

Keeps your car seat an average of 26° F cooler!*

*Findings are based on inside surface temperature of a car on a 95° F day. Actual results may vary, depending on geography, time in the sun, make of car, size of windows and direction in which car is parked.

So easy to attach, making it quick to use and at less than half price with FREE SHIPPING while stocks last, its not one to miss! EVERYONE needs one! 

Item Specification:

     Colour: Silver
     Size: 80x70cm 
  Package Included:
 1x Baby car seat sunshade cover 

Customer Reviews

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What a fantastic idea, my daughter has been crying with burning seats in the past. Cant wait to recieve.